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Why you should get an IUD

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my IUD. I regularly mention within five minutes of meeting someone what an awesome form of birth control I think it is and why they should consider getting one – to date, I have convinced five people to get IUDs and I consider this a public […]

Would I want to be an influencer?

*I’m using the word ‘influencer’ to describe people whose job is to work on social media as a brand version of themselves. This is a GROSS WORD but it is the current term and is less vague than most of the others*  With more and more people building up an online following and getting paid […]

Is Instagram fitness culture healthy?

A few years ago, I was a lightweight rower. I counted calories and weighed myself daily, timing my meagre meals around my training sessions so I could fuel myself enough to train for several hours each day while also rapidly shedding weight. It was not an easy, or healthy, way to live. Along with the […]