Hi, I’m Ellie and welcome to my blog. I want to say this is a travel blog, but that would only be half of the truth. The truth is, I’m not just geographically restless, I’m restless in everything. I want a space where I can talk about my adventures in world exploration, but also my adventures in love and friendship and work, and pole dancing and yoga and reading and anything else I may decide I want to talk about.

Hence, this blog was born. Never one for sticking with one subject for very long, I’m protesting against the idea that bloggers need to find their “niche.” My niche is me (#catchlife – more on that later). So yes, you can expect travel adventures – it would be remiss of me not to include the stories of finding a sugar daddy in Cambodia and medical emergencies in Vietnam and rapping onstage at a banquet in China – but also a whole host of other things.

From the travel perspective, I’ve been to some places. My family loves to travel and so I’ve been globetrotting ever since I was a baby (#privilege, I am so grateful for all these wonderful experiences). And yet, I want more.