Hi, I’m Ellie and welcome to my blog. I’m trying to get better at writing, explore the ideas that keep nagging at me and hopefully create some cool opportunities for myself in the process.┬áHence, this blog was born. Never one for sticking with one subject for very long, I’m protesting against the idea that bloggers need to find their “niche.” My niche is me, and the all the subjects that wander into my life (#catchlife – more on that later).

Outside of the internet, I currently spend my days writing about the economy, politics and finance for an investment house. This is off the back of a degree in psychology, neuroscience and physiology from Cambridge, where I really spent my time studying how to go fastest backwards in a boat. My time training for boat races remains the most thrilling and crushing experience of my life and I look forward to writing about it.

That’s the basics. Looking forward to wherever this endeavour takes me.